Saturday, May 31, 2008

Give honest and sincere appreciation.

I have been reading the book “How to Win Friends & Influence People” for the past several days. In a previous post I talked about the first of three principles the author considers fundamental in dealing with people.

The second fundamental principle is dealing with people is to “Give honest and sincere appreciation”. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Well it may not be that simple. The key words in that principle are honest and sincere.

If it is not honest and sincere, the recipient will see through it like a cheap threadbare suit. You will not have the affect you wish, and you will have no credibility when you do mean it. A leader must be honest, and giving false appreciation (also known as flattery) will not get you anywhere. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Honest appreciation will often get results where criticism fails.

Why does honest and sincere appreciation have such a profound impact on people? It is because people want to feel appreciated, they want to feel important. The author argues that this is one of the key human wants, right up there with food and shelter.

This is why a good leader rewards (praises) their team members when they do good work and thanks (appreciates) them for all their efforts in helping the team achieve their objectives.

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