Friday, July 25, 2008

What makes a good team lead? Part Two

A week or so ago I had a post about what makes a good team lead. In this post I had a list of statements that I would look for in my team lead. Many of these statements can be derived down to base personality qualities such as being:
  • Decisive - It is almost always better to take a decision with 80% of the information then it is to wait for the other 20%. Overall you will get more done faster.
  • Enthusiastic - Enthusiasm is contagious, it will inspire your team
  • Responsible - Do the Right Thing. It is also a mantra at Macadamian.
  • Honest - Does this need explaining? Nothing destroys trust like not dealing with people in an honest and fair manner.
  • Dependable - Make your commitments, be there when needed.
  • Confident - People are more apt to follow you if you appear confident. Show confidence in your team.
  • Courageous - This goes with "Do the Right Thing", also goes well with being "Transparent". It is hard to tell the customer that you are late, or to tell the employee that they are not meeting expectations. You should also be courageous enough to stick to your convictions, or try something new.
  • Loyal - Always try and do the right thing for your team. Go the extra mile for them.
  • Patient - This is one I have trouble with the odd time, but be patient to answer their questions, help them with a new technology, or to understand a new requirement.
  • Determined - Get the job done.
To me, these are the 10 important qualities of a team lead. Does anybody have others to add?


Sargsyan Tigran said...

I think following statement is also important one

Resilient - Just like in the sport. If you are wining with big average it is easy to continue playing. But the real leader should be able to win if he even loosing now.

And the last one is humor :) I like following quote: "And never lose your sense of humor, mankind survived because it could laugh"

Jason Mawdsley said...

I really like the Humour attribute. You do need a strong sense of homour, if you don't have it, you will explode with stress :)