Thursday, December 18, 2008

Style over Usability: A recipe for annoyance

Clearly the person who designed this website is an artist. Too bad. Sure it's stylistic, urbane, chic, or whatever the kids are saying these days, but it is hard to use.

I did an informal round of user testing, no one could find the information for the schedule without prompting. Though many (tech guys) went "oh neat" when they realized the trick. This is beautify visuals, but poor design. Ohhh shiny is not a replacement for usability.

I dare you to try and find the show listings.


Gilles Duchesne said...
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Gilles Duchesne said...

Interestingly enough, as I read your post and clicked on the link, I was using Remote Desktop, and because of that, I had disabled Flash.

The page shows up as one big black void.

The only two things visible were the mailing list subscription ("Yeah, sign me up!") and a link to the website creators (as I'm sooo eager to sign them up right now).

I'll look it up again, in its flashy goodness, tomorrow.

David Underwood said...

Good Lord, that's an awful site...