Friday, March 20, 2009

From an Agile Legend

Martin Fowler is very well known in the Agile community, in fact he was one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto. Nearly three years ago he wrote about how his company was running Agile companies with teams in Europe, North America, and India. This was quite a few years before most companies were attempting to work on Agile projects distributed globally.

For the last four years ThoughtWorks has operated a lab in Bangalore India to support our software development projects in North America and Europe. Traditional approaches to offshore development are based on plan-driven methodologies, but we are very firmly in the agile camp. Here I discuss our experiences and lessons learned in doing offshore agile development. So far we've discovered that we can make it work, although the benefits are still open to debate.

These are all lessons that Macadamian was learning during the same time frame, and I sure wish I had seen this guide to running Agile with offshore development way back in 2006. I read this quite some time ago, but I believe the lessons and practices in contained in this guide should be re-read, and reinforced.

If you are working on distributed Agile practices, or are planning to, read this! Don't learn these lessons through the school of hard knocks. :)

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