Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Leadership in hard times

It is much easier to be a leader when times are good, when business is plentiful, when the sky seems the limit. The strains put on a leader in bad times are much greater, and this is where you you separate the leadership wheat from the chaff.

A co-worker of mine sent me a newsletter that had a great article on how to lead when times are hard. I hunted around a bit to get the corresponding web page for this article so I could share it. If you are leading people in a company highly recommend that you read this article. If you are not responsible for leading anyone, read this article.

When Macadamian recently had to make some hard decisions, I agonized on how to communicate this to the teams that worked with me. I spent hours thinking about how to effectively communicate the rationale, the plan, and how we can together move forward and succeed. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and I am glad I spent the time to prepare for it.

Is your company experiencing hard times? What are you doing to be an effective leader during this time? What behaviors have you changed?

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