Friday, June 27, 2008

PR, part of your complete breakfast.

No, I don't mean "Public Relations", in this case, I mean "Praise and Recognition".

We all like to be told when we are doing a good job. And a kind thank you, or a pat on the back goes a long way in making us feel as if we are appreciated. This is an important principle of leadership. But, it is something that I have noticed is becoming less prevalent. This is a big mistake.

Companies are spending millions of dollars to increase productivity, implement flexible hours, and increase health benefits, yet they still have high turn over. Why is that?

These policies get taken for granted. A company increases their benefits, attracts new people, other companies follow suit to compete. Soon these heightened benefits become the norm, now to differentiate themselves, companies need to raise their benefit packages and policies again.

I think that PR is especially important in a company where we strive for constant improvement. A culture of constant improvement can result in a culture of constant criticism. I have thoughts on that too.

Most people like to be praised and recognized for the work they are doing, most people like it a lot. A leader must strive to make their team feel important, to create environments where people are rewarded for their hard work and successes.

This is the benefit of rewarding, it is one of several ways that a leader can rely on to influence behavior. With rewarding, it is based on a leader's ability (and perceived predisposition) to praise and reward their their teams for positive behavior.

Praising/rewarding people doesn't cost anything, makes the employees feel good, and reinforces positive behavior.

So remember to say thank you, and remember to tell your team when they do a good job. It is just as important as telling them when they didn't.

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