Friday, September 19, 2008

It’s a small world after all

Sometimes it’s just amazing how interconnected we all are.

The other day I was talking about tools and methodologies with one of our new customers. This customer is using Scrum for their methodology, and as we were discussing how to integrate our team with their team the concept of how to virtualize the post-its and index cards that are so welcomed by the Agile community came up.

Luckily, the customer is already using Jira, and to add the index card virtualization they are using a tool called GreenHopper. To read more about GreenHopper click here, and here.

So I looked at the tool I could see a possible fit in our methodologies here at Macadamian, see its potential I talked to our Director of IT and Process Improvement about possibly trialing the software.

At this point I found out he met the company who makes the tool at a job fair in Sherbrooke earlier this week and talked about some of the Jira plug-in they make.

Its always amazing to see how interconnected everyone is.

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